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Chimney Cleanings & Repairs

Chimney cleanings or chimney sweeps help eliminate build-up from smoke and ensure a safe escape from your home. O'Connell Chimney Experts Inc in Stamford, CT can help save lives by eliminating carbon monoxide poisoning with annual chimney cleanings. We are the chimney professionals ready to go to your home or place of business. Call us at (203) 329-1245 to schedule a service today!
Fireplace — Brick Chimneys in Stamford, CT

Chimney and Fireplace Hazards

Heavy use of your fireplace produces a vast amount of creosote. Creosote is a dangerous substance that comes from burning wood and it stays in your chimney until removed. As creosote builds up, it reduces the proper airflow of your chimney, making it dangerous to your health. The safest way to remove creosote is to call us at O'Connell Chimney Experts Inc. We have the right tools and experience to safely remove the chemical.

Chimney Rebuilds, Repairs, and Waterproofing

We perform a variety of chimney repair services and also replace parts. We can rebuild your whole chimney and waterproof it to avoid moisture coming into your home. See a list of our services below:
  • Chimney Caps
  • Firebox Installation
  • New Chimney Construction & Installation
  • Relining (Stainless Steel)
  • Teardown and Cleanup of Old Chimneys
  • Waterproofing
To schedule your service, or to discuss a free estimate for your home or business, call (203) 329-1245. We look forward to earning your business.